Captive Services

Captive Insurance is delivered through an insurance company that is owned and controlled by those it insures. A captive insurer evaluates the risks of subsidiaries, writes policies, and sets premiums. Captive insurance can contribute to a company’s profitability by returning unused underwriting funds or by investing funds for future claims payments.

Would you like to reduce your company’s insurance premiums while also cutting your claim exposure? The Phoenix Captive insurance model puts client-partners in collective pools to mitigate risk and improve profitability.

At Phoenix Captive Solutions, we take a four-tier approach to ensure long-term success with our client-partners.

  1. Assessment – Our assessment team works closely with actuaries through an analysis process to bring clarity to your loss exposures
  2. Management – Our management services are delivered by qualified professionals to ensure accurate, compliant, and timely reporting
  3. Measurement – Continued market analysis of each client-partners policy ensures positive return over time
  4. Development – Our experience and collaboration with you offers a unique strategy to bring profit solutions from risk over the lifespan of a business