Key Personnel

Brent Blakely


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With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Brent has worked for insurance carriers and brokerage offices during his career. This enables him to know best practices for his clients having implemented and administered multiple benefits packages that include fully-insured and self-funded plan options.

Brent believes in the need for education on benefits and the power that has for clients and their employees. Brent’s experience working with companies is that there is always a way to improve a company’s benefits package whether it’s the benefits themselves, education, or integration.

Brent is a Senior Account Executive at Phoenix Captive focusing on Employee Benefit Programs including implementation and enabling simplified administration to help firms strategically plan not just for one year but for multiple years ahead.

Brent enjoys spending his free time with his wife, attending college and professional football games, and hitting the golf course.

Blake Coats


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With an expertise that surpasses his years, Blake developed and implemented new processes that helped increase enrollment turnaround and overall client satisfaction through incorporating technology that had not been utilized through H.R.I.S. systems before joining the team.

His unique integrated approaches enable companies to drastically cut down on administration burden on plans by integrating benefits and payroll platforms.

Blake believes in innovation through utilizing technology to help clients better understand the total costs of their insurance selection. Blake uses these technologies to run audits, claims reporting and analysis to help our clients save valuable time and allow them to make educated buying decisions.

Blake is the Chief Financial Officer at Phoenix and works with our clients on both the captive and benefits side to assess the financial needs of each client and work with the team to build a strategy that best fits those needs.

In his off time, Blake enjoys traveling to different countries, rock climbing, snowboarding, and fishing.