Phoenix Captive Solutions: Changing the look of Workers Compensation Insurance

In the continuing fast changing business environment, companies are always looking at a way to maximize profit while limiting costs. That’s business 101, right? Often times a company looks at their costs of doing business (overhead, inventory, salaries, marketing, insurance, etc) as loss leaders that take away from the bottom line. How can those expenses be minimized? Is there a way to eliminate some of that loss?

We believe there is a way to utilize a network of Workers Compensation risks while empowering our partner clients to change their premium payments into a profit center. Yes, let me say it again, changing premium into profit. This unique model brings a collection of companies together for the purpose of spreading out the risk, similar to an association plan. However, each of our partners can still function independently on their own as a private insurer. The secret sauce is in the ability to give each partner company the freedom to allocate their capital where they see fit and make financial investments where they can see growth instead of a loss.

The concept of a business participating in their own Captive plan is not new. At Phoenix Captive Solutions, we have a new twist on how to bring companies together who are willing to look at a great opportunity to increase their bottom line. Our team looks forward to being a disruptor in this space, and are ready to service those ambitious clients who jump on board at the ground floor. Will you be part of this change in the industry, or watch as other groups learn how to turn the premium payment loss into maximized financial profits?

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