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Phoenix Captive Solutions is a unique group benefits consulting firm dedicated to helping medium to large businesses find cost-savings while providing comprehensive employee benefits packages. Through innovative insurance products and years of experience, our team helps business mitigate their risk through insurance pools designed to distribute risk among businesses engaged in similar operations.

We show our clients how insurance can create a return on investment rather than simply disappearing through the payment of traditional insurance premiums. Times are changing, and insurance needs to change, too. Phoenix Captive Solutions is leading that change.

Talk with a Phoenix representative to learn more about how we can structure your group health insurance plans to provide comprehensive medical coverage while cutting your costs. Phoenix Captive also offers dental and vision plans and an array of supplemental coverage options that we will be happy to present to your employees during an enrollment period.

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The Power Of Collectivity

Business insurance (group health, dental, vision, workers compensation, etc.) are all pieces required to build a thriving business in the world today.  Providing a robust benefits package has become as important, if not more important than just the salary a specific position demands.  As a business owner, in order to maintain a healthy bottom line … Continue reading The Power Of Collectivity

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