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Phoenix Captive Solutions is a unique consultation firm dedicated to helping medium to large businesses change their insurance premium into a profit center for their companies. Through years of extensive experience, our team helps to find a way for a business to mitigate their risk through distribution among a collection of companies, and thus creating a pool to insure the group. We show our clients how insurance can work to create a return on investment, instead of throwing those dollars away each year on premiums. Times are changing, and insurance needs to change with it. Phoenix Captive Solutions is lead that change.

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The Power Of Collectivity

Business insurance (group health, dental, vision, workers compensation, etc.) are all pieces required to build a thriving business in the world today.  Providing a robust benefits package has become as important, if not more important than just the salary a specific position demands.  As a business owner, in order to maintain a healthy bottom line … Continue reading The Power Of Collectivity

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